Role: Producer

Heroine is a compilation CD featuring nearly 20 unsigned Christian bands from the East Coast. I produced the CD in 1996, while attending college.

The CD was sold via the Internet, rock shows, pop culture ‘zines, Christian bookstores, and local music stores (including Tower Records and RTX).

The CD features rare, hard-to-find songs by the following artists…

Tolosa Boys ’89 | Ghoti Hook | Burning Icons | Mark & Steve | I Sed | Happy Apples | Pag Asa | Jawbone Hill | Quickie Mart | Epilogue | Soterian Frolic | JK Flip Flops | Engrave | Quality Scrub | Peculiar People | Widow’s Coin | White Trash, Inc. | The Somethings | Freeze Tag

The CD’s booklet is composed of images from my “Heroine” photo series, which I had been working on at the time. The models were my friends and family.

Although the music is now dated, and the overall production value is below average, the Heroine project remains a major milestone in my career as an artist and entrepreneur. I’m very proud of it.

Despite all the potential roadblocks and naysayers, I was determined to publish a quality product that I could sell at a bargain price of $5.

With the help of consignment shops, the bands on the CD, and other friends, I ended up selling approximately 1,000 CDs during the winter and spring of 1997, giving myself and the bands much local exposure.

There are still about 100 CDs left, so if you’re interested in purchasing one, email me.