Bill O’Reilly on Faith & Atheism

[Here’s the last half of Bill O’Reilly’s current column “Beyond Belief.” For the full version, click here.]

… Believing in God is not very stylish in mainstream media circles these days.

The question then becomes, is there anything wrong with that? After all, we have freedom from religion in America; the Constitution makes it clear that no power in this country has the right to impose religion on anyone.

So the atheists have clear sailing, and I say: Thank God.

That’s because people of faith should be challenged and think about their beliefs. Critical thinking in all areas makes the mind sharper, your philosophy stronger.

Thus, I was looking forward to debating the most successful of the atheist authors, Richard Dawkins, who wrote the bestseller The God Delusion. Dawkins basically says that science can explain everything on earth and no one has any direct evidence there is a God.

But I stopped him in the fourth round with this right hook: “[The earth] had to come from somewhere, and that is the leap of faith you guys (atheists) make—that it just somehow happened.”

Dawkins replied: “You’re the one who needs a leap of faith. The onus is on you to say why you believe in something … you believe in, presumably, the Christian God Jesus.”

“Jesus is a real guy,” I said. “I know what he did. I’m not positive that Jesus is God, but I’m throwing in with him rather than throwing in with you guys, because you guys can’t tell me how it all got here.”

“We’re working on it,” Dawkins said.

“When you get it,” I shot back, “maybe I’ll listen.”

But the atheists will never get it. The universe and the earth is so complex, so incredibly detailed, that to believe an accidental evolutionary occurrence could have exclusively led to the nature/mankind situation we have now, is some stretch of the imagination. I mean, call me crazy, but the sun always comes up, while man oversleeps all the time.

So bless you, Richard Dawkins, and all the other non-believers. As long as they don’t attack people of faith, I have no problem with them. As my eighth grade teacher Sister Martin once said, “Faith is a gift.”

But not everybody gets to open the box.

Is it true what they say about Ann?

These are excerpts from one of Ann Coulter’s speeches featured on the new Is it True What They Say About Ann? DVD…

Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute
Woman of the Year and National Monitoring Lunch

“I regret not being more of a Christian sooner. I mean, I was always raised a Christian. I would go to church now and then. But I have become more Christian over the last few years, and it is a shield and a sword. There really is nothing anyone can do to me. It makes you laugh to see some of the things Liberals go through to try to hurt my feelings, or be mean to me, or sneer at me in Vanity Fair. Christ died for my sins, and I have eternal life—and I’m supposed to be concerned what Vanity Fair says about me? And I do think it drives them crazy that they know they can never get to a Christian—which is why they are so dismissive and demeaning towards Christians.”

“That is what Christianity gives you—you are operating with a net. In contradiction to what Ted Turner says about Christians being a bunch of losers, Christians ought to be the bravest, most determined risk-takers in any given situation. You have nothing to lose. You’re operating with a net all the time. You don’t seek the approval of a good obituary in the New York Times.”

“I think that is a problem with Conservatives—with religious people—that you feel like you can just withdraw from the world. Well, that isn’t what the Bible instructs. We, as Christians, are supposed to go out and engage the world and change it for the better.”

Submit to the Government

Yesterday, I was listening to a radio program, which was about fighting for Christian rights. It was about how Christians are being unlawfully discriminated against and how we need to “fight back.” But this is all contrary to what Paul (and even Jesus) taught. In Romans 13, Paul tells the Christians to submit to the government, because it has been ordained by God. Even during Jesus’ time, 70% of the people were in slavery. Surely, everyone knows that slavery is wrong, yet Jesus and His apostles never tell anyone to resist this great evil of slavery. Instead, Paul urges us to be content in whatever station of life we find ourselves. In today’s world, we have radio programs, like the one described above, and organizations like the Christian Coalition, that “fight for Christian rights” and try to enact governmental changes, all in the name of Christianity. It seems nonsensical to use the name of Christ in political matters, because Christ never engaged in politics during His life and ministry.