Christian Filmmakers Offer Free 1-Day Bootcamp in Chantilly

film-boot-campOn Saturday, May 30, 2015, Chantilly Bible Church will host a FREE 1-day Christian Filmmaking Boot Camp sponsored by NoVA Christian Film. The speakers are experienced film & video professionals in the northern Virginia area who love Jesus. They will cover essential aspects of independent filmmaking, such as acting, directing and screenwriting — and will end the day with an actual video shoot you can participate in or watch!

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This boot camp is perfect for any Christian interested in learning how to make low-budget films, pursue a career in film or television, or discover ways to impact Hollywood with the message of Jesus Christ.

If you have a desire to be behind or in front of the camera, please join us for this one-day filmmaking boot camp taught by experienced Christian professionals!

SCHEDULE (w/ Speakers*):

09:00 Welcome & Introduction (CBC Pastor)
09:15 Keynote (Brad Russell)
09:45 Producing (Panel: George Escobar, Christa Geno, Nina May, Paula O’Neal)
10:15 Crowdfunding (Ron Newcomb)
10:45 BREAK
11:00 PROMO: Advent Filmmakers (George Escobar)
11:15 Acting (Panel: Josh Murray, Chuck Paris, Jim Holland)
11:45 Cinematography & Lighting (JD Medlock)
– Acting (Josh Murray)
– DSLR Filmmaking (JD Medlock)**
– Producing (George Escobar)
01:45 PROMO: Hollywood Prayer Network (Chuck Paris)
02:00 Screenwriting (Michael Tolosa)
02:30 Directing (Gary Voelker)
03:00 Sound (TBD)
03:30 PROMO: NoVA Christian Film (Michael Tolosa)
03:45 BREAK
04:00 Film Shoot
07:00 End

Free pizza & bottled water will be served for lunch. You’re welcome to bring something else to eat/drink, if you wish.

Please feel free to bring head shots, business cards, DVDs or other marketing materials to give away during the event. We will have a networking/marketing table specifically for this.

For more information on NoVA Christian Film, please visit or join the Facebook group at

*Speakers and topics are subject to change.
**Feel free to bring your own DSLR to learn on, or just watch.

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Filmmakers Tackle Sex Trafficking

trafficked_01During the first week of September — at a quiet industrial park in Springfield, Virginia — members of Avellino Studios, a small Christian film company in northern Virginia, shot a short film called “Trafficked: A Model Story.” The film draws a connection between sex trafficking and the porn industry, showing how an aspiring fashion model quickly finds herself descending down a slippery slope of compromise.

“We all know what we think about human trafficking,” said director Arel Avellino, “but a lot of people don’t go to the next step and attach that to what’s going on in the porn industry. This story is taking a very real situation and shows just one of the ways these two industries collide.”

The studio raised a little over $1,000 in the fundraising campaign to produce the film, which they plan to post online soon.

For more information on “Trafficked: A Model Story,” check out their fundraising video, and watch the trailer below…

Update: You can now view the entire Trafficked: A Model Story short film on Vimeo.

Fighting for Liberty in Paris

liberty-farmOn September 1, members of NoVA Christian Film gathered to help Greg Letiecq of NOVA Digital Films create a short video highlighting the recent restrictions Faquier County officials have placed on local farmer Martha Boneta’s Liberty Farm. The county has started charging her fees for holding Bible studies and birthday parties on her property.

It was a beautiful summer day in Paris, Virginia, so we setup outside on Martha’s property and asked some of the children who regularly visit and enjoy Liberty Farm what they thought about the controversy. Check out their responses in this video.

For more information on the controversy (including the outlandish claims of a certain special interest group), check out this article. To help Martha in her fight, please visit Virginia Farm & Food Freedom.