4th of July Outreach

wv-prayer-01Members of the Gospel Xpress team attended the 2011 Fourth of July festivities in Alderson, West Virginia, where we handed out tracts, set up a Prayer Station, and gave out free Bibles and bottled water to everyone who took the 5-minute “Good Person Quiz.” We shared the Gospel with approximately 30 individuals and made friends along the way.

After sharing the Gospel with one 16-year-old girl, her parents — who run a t-shirt printing business — offered to create this custom Good Person shirt for us to remember the occasion. We met several Christians and even pastors — one of whom made a generous donation to Gospel Xpress.

We’re hoping to make this July 4th outreach an annual tradition in Alderson!

Cherry Blossom Festival Outreach

On April 13, 2010, Gospel Academy students went into Washington, DC to hand out tracts and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people attending the Cherry Blossom Festival. We handed out million dollar bills, optical illusion, and other ice breaker tracts and talked to people one-on-one. Gospel Academy was a Christian evangelism class sponsored by Gospel Xpress and FUEL (a singles ministry of McLean Bible Church).

Read the Bible in Public Day

by Michael Tolosa

Today, October 6 is Read The Bible In Public Day.

Last month, Gospel Xpress launched a viral outreach campaign on Facebook called Read The Bible In Public Day. Over 3,400 people signed up online to participate. Through this promotion, we are encouraging Christians across the United States to take their Bibles out into their communities and read it in a public place. Whether it’s at work, at school, on the subway, or at a playground — we want Christians to be a living witness to the influence God’s Word has on our country.

Sadly, many American Christians are ashamed to be identified as a Christians, when we have the legal freedom to follow Jesus Christ and read God’s Word — unlike many Christians around the world who risk their lives to follow Christ and meet with other believers. Americans have a unique opportunity to boldly profess their faith and tell others the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet so many of us are afraid to confront the world. We choose comfort over confrontation and somehow rationalize our disobedience.

Let today be the first step in your engagement with the world. Use your Bible as a conversation-starter with a stranger. Join us for Read The Bible In Public Day!

Jesus Fish

I have a “Jesus fish” on my car, not because I’m proud to be a Christian, but because it forces me to remember that I represent Christ while I’m driving — and at all times, for that matter. Cutting off someone who recognizes your car in traffic, one inappropriate joke overheard by your coworker, or a vulgar word spoken in a public restaurant can damage Christ’s image in the minds of those around us. We are a reflection of that image, and though flawed an imperfect, we should always remember that others are judging Christ by our actions.