How Can You Say There is No God?

Proof of a negative statement is difficult to pull off. For example, how would you prove the negative assertion “There is no gold in Alaska”? You would have to determine the limits of Alaska, its borders and depth and height, then dig up every cubic inch of Alaska. If there was one cubic inch you did not dig, there still might be gold there. On the other hand, how would you prove the positive assertion, “There is gold in Alaska”? Easy — you need find only one piece.

Similarly, what would you have to know in order to know for sure that there is no God? You would have to know everything. If there was one thing you did not know, that one thing might be God. We are so far from knowing everything that there is to be known, that the dogmatic assertion “There is no God” is not only not provable, it is also arrogant.

from C. S. Lewis’s Case for Christ by Art Lindsley

The Big Bang Theory

I don’t want to spend too much time writing about this, but I was thinking about this topic today and wanted to get my thoughts down…

I’m not really sure what they’re teaching in schools these days. Last I heard, scientists were backing off of the idea that the universe was created by a big bang. That, from out of nothing, an explosion occurred that created matter and the universe.

In case anyone still believes this, here is a very simple rebuttal of that theory…

Out of nothing, nothing comes.

If there were ever a moment in time, when absolutely nothing existed, nothing would have ever existed. There would be nothing existing today.

If, however, something does exist today (you, me, this blog), then you have two options… 1) either the universe itself is eternal, or 2) there is an eternal being who created the universe.

Scientists, themselves, have debunked the first theory (that the universe is eternal), given the rate of the universe’s spacial expansion. The universe is expanding, and if you count back enough years, you get the universe appearing at one moment in time (expanding ever since).

That moment of existence can be rationally explained by the Christian account of an eternal creator.

That moment cannot rationally be explained by a “big bang,” where the universe was created by nothing. If there was nothing, then there was nothing with which to create anything.

Self-creation is also a rational absurdity. For something to create itself, it would have to be before it was.

There is nothing irrational about the idea of an infinite being. It’s strange for us to think of the concept, but it doesn’t break any rules of logic or rationality to say there is an infinite being that created the universe.

Just because we don’t fully understand every possible thing in this universe (hence scientific advancements & increasing knowledge), we can’t simply say that an infinite being is not possible just because we don’t understand how it could be possible. It’s certainly rationally possible, if not fully understandable.

The Big Bang Theory (something coming from nothing) is a rational impossibility.

Science is a friend of Truth. The more we learn from science, the clearer our view of God as the Creator becomes. It’s exciting to know that, ultimately, this is the truth that science will one day reveal.