How Abortion Ranks Among the Top Causes of Death in America

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the top causes of death in America in 2015 were heart disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases. Curiously, abortion isn’t even on the list. That’s because the CDC doesn’t consider pre-born children as alive to begin with. However, if you factor in the amount of abortions performed in 2014, you’ll see that abortion is truly the #1 cause of death in America.

Top Causes of Death in the United States

That is why Megan and I are on the front line, rescuing unborn children at Charlotte’s largest abortion clinic each week with ministries like Cities4Life and Love Life Charlotte.

If you could reduce the amount of deaths related to heart disease or cancer by standing in front of a building or speaking out, would you do it?

5 thoughts on “How Abortion Ranks Among the Top Causes of Death in America

  1. You cant by definition call someone who is unborn a “child”.

    I live in Charlotte, and I was born and raised here. Forced birth on girls and women will NEVER be welcomed or put into law in this secular country as long as progressive minded voters value basic rights and fetal science. Please stop harassing people who are making the responsible choice, it is a misguided cause against reproductive health and rights.

    Early term fetuses are unconscious and able to experience pain, unlike pregnant girls and women. Our laws will always protect the best interest and the rights of girls and women, not the “rights” of fertilized eggs.

    • Thank you for your comment, Amanda.

      First of all — yes, by definition, a “child” is born or unborn. See Webster’s dictionary (

      Secondly, nobody is “forcing birth” on anyone. Last I checked, abortion was legal in this country. However, we are educating women that there is an alternative to abortion — that they should not feel forced to have an abortion, as if it was their only choice. We provide support for the mother, the child, and the family. We educate expectant mothers on options such as keeping the baby and adoption. We are, in fact, pro-choice in this matter, whereas the abortion clinic only wants them to “choose” abortion. If the workers at the clinic were pro-choice, like us, they would have no problem with us providing free ultrasounds and educating women on other options. But instead, they are furious when these women choose to keep their babies, because it means less income for the clinic. That’s not looking out for these women. That’s looking out for their company profits.

      And as for progressive minded voters, you should know that support for abortion has steadily declined in this country, and that the majority of Americans now believe that abortion is morally wrong. This change has occurred BECAUSE of advances in science and pregnancy imaging. So, it’s hardly a misguided cause.

      • So in your opinion, a thirteen week old fertilized egg should mandate that a girl or woman be pregnant for nine months and give birth against her will?

        Americans are religious fanatics across the board which is why they mistakenly perceive early term abortion as wrong.
        The ONLY one who can suffer at a twenty week pregnancy is the pregnant individual, not the fetus (not an opinion, medical science proven fact).

      • Not to mention the fact that less than 35 percent of Americans are “prolife”, so actually pro-choice is in fact the majority in the US.

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