Faith is Like…

soldiers-bwFaith is like going into battle against impossible odds and being told by your General not to worry — that it will be painful, and you will get slaughtered, but you’ll win in the end. Some run and hide, but you move forward, following in his footsteps. You face the enemy and he defeats you. You get up over and over again and discover even your own body has failed you. You are overwhelmed by the enemy, conquered and killed. All of your effort wasn’t enough, and now your lifeless body lies on the battlefield. The General comes to you, breathes life into your lungs and raises you from the dead. He gives you the energy, strength, armor and weapons to defeat the enemy. He tells you to trust him and fight. You have a hard time believing him, because you’ve faced the enemy and lost time and again. But because you’ve experienced the General’s power to raise you from the dead, you trust him and believe he will, indeed, lead you to victory. He clears the way and helps you defeat each enemy you encounter. In fact, it seems like he’s doing all the work. Finally, the battle is over, and you’ve won. The General is awarded with countless medals, but he gives you one of them. Not because you earned it, but because he loves all the soldiers who fought with him and wants them to share in the celebration.

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