Filmmakers Tackle Sex Trafficking

trafficked_01During the first week of September — at a quiet industrial park in Springfield, Virginia — members of Avellino Studios, a small Christian film company in northern Virginia, shot a short film called “Trafficked: A Model Story.” The film draws a connection between sex trafficking and the porn industry, showing how an aspiring fashion model quickly finds herself descending down a slippery slope of compromise.

“We all know what we think about human trafficking,” said director Arel Avellino, “but a lot of people don’t go to the next step and attach that to what’s going on in the porn industry. This story is taking a very real situation and shows just one of the ways these two industries collide.”

The studio raised a little over $1,000 in the fundraising campaign to produce the film, which they plan to post online soon.

For more information on “Trafficked: A Model Story,” check out their fundraising video, and watch the trailer below…

Update: You can now view the entire Trafficked: A Model Story short film on Vimeo.