My Own Worst Enemy

Busy ManI was just contemplating the concept of busyness, when my friend shared this story with me. All of my stress is self-imposed. I willingly fill my life with events, projects, and obligations – which I would soooo like to do and put on my reputation resume. I’m addicted to work (both personal and professional), because I tend to find my significance in my accomplishments. What if I found my significance elsewhere? Like in the status I’ve been given in Christ? How much more time would I have, and how much easier would life be, if I didn’t have so much to *do*? For the next two months, I’m going to try and say “no” to every event invitation, not sign up for any new classes, not take on any new projects – and see how much happier I am. Can I really find happiness in accomplishing nothing? I’ll check back in after the election.

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