Film Boot Camp Held in Arlington

film-boot-campOn Saturday, August 4, NoVA Christian Film sponsored a one-day Filmmaking Boot Camp at Cherrydale Baptist Church in Arlington, Virginia. The event was open to the public, and approximately 30 students signed up. The workshop provided an overview of filmmaking, covering everything from acting to directing, and even special effects.

The instructors consisted of professional filmmakers and members of the NoVA Christian Film non-profit group. They discussed how to make low-budget films, pursue a career in film or television, and discover ways to impact the secular film industry with the message of Jesus Christ. Topics covered included:

  • Christianity & the Arts (w/ Michael Tolosa)
  • Producing (w/ Ron Newcomb, Christa Geno, Kathryn Arnett)
  • Screenwriting (w/ Michael Murray)
  • Equipment: Cameras, Lighting, Audio (w/ Pruitt Allen)
  • Cinematography (w/ Pruitt Allen)
  • Sound Design (w/ Joel McMullen, James Abbott, John Lambert)
  • Editing (w/ Gary Voelker)
  • Acting (w/ Josh Murray, Chuck Paris)
  • Directing (w/ Ron Newcomb, Gary Voelker)
  • Promotion & Marketing (w/ Chuck Paris)
  • Set Design (w/ Brooke Robbins)
  • Costuming (w/ JoAnn Abbott)
  • Motion Graphics (w/ Sam Hakes)
  • Special FX (w/ Aaron Rosene)

Stay tuned to NoVA Christian Film for more announcements of upcoming workshops!

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