Without a Church

I’ve been feeling lost lately – without a church home.

About two months ago, I believe God called me out of my current church in order to begin teaching and discipling new believers right in my community. My mission field was not to be the world, the country, or even the DC metro area. My mission field was to be my community – my neighbors, local shop owners, and schools. At first, I thought I would be ministering in Oakton, Virginia – but with a sudden, abrupt move to South Riding, Virginia last month, I have a new community to immerse myself into and reach.

My wife and I have been trying to find a church home within or near South Riding. A month later, we’re still floundering alone in the community. And that’s taking a toll on me spiritually.

I don’t have lofty expectations for our new church home. I only want three things… 1) that the church teach correct doctrine (i.e., Reformed theology), 2) the church have a passion for reaching the South Riding community, and 3) there be clear opportunity for me to teach in some capacity (e.g., small groups, evangelism training, etc.). I don’t think these are impossible or even outrageous goals. Surely, I can find one church in the South Riding area that meets these requirements. But I have not.

We’ve visited three Reformed churches in the area – each one with their pluses and minuses. If we can’t find another Reformed church, we’ll have to choose between imperfect options. But maybe we’re supposed to learn that no church is perfect, and that we need to be able to tolerate an imperfect situation.

But where should w compromise? Which of my requirements is expendable?

I’ve spent a decade going to a church that I believe taught imperfect doctrine. Why make the switch now?

I’ve been doing evangelism ministry independent of my home church for over a year, so what difference does it make if the church is focused on South Riding (as I am) or not?

And as for teaching, I can certainly go out and find new believers to join a small group at my home – all on my own. Why do I need to tie my teaching with a church?

I guess the answer to all these questions is… Because I’m tired.

I’m tired of trying to do everything on my own. I’m tired of having to plan all the logistics of my ministry. I want to be a part of a church that has the same calling as me – a church that can take some of the burden off my shoulders and work with me in ministry.

I don’t want to do everything. I don’t want the glory. I want to work with a church and other believers who are similarly called, so I can finally take a back seat and let other people shine.

Lord, help us to find a church in South Riding.

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