Hell on Earth

On Saturday, I had a bad day. I found out that my wife and I had wasted a total of about $7,000 on a “beater” car we purchased a month ago, thinking it would last us through the next two years while we sacrificed financially to get out of debt. It was a perfect situation – a decent car needing only minimal repairs for a bargain price. Then we were broadsided with a costly oil pump break that caused damage to the engine. The cost of initial repairs would be over a thousand dollars, and that wasn’t counting the engine damage. It very well could be a total loss. We’ve decided to wash our hands of the thing before we dumped any more money into it.

It would be very easy for me to fall into a small depression over this large chunk of lost money. But I’ve been constantly reminding myself that it wasn’t our money to begin with. It was God’s money. We are simply stewards of the resources He’s given us. We tried really hard to be good stewards of His money. We kept our pride in check and purchased an old, inexpensive car for my wife. We shopped around and did research online. We enlisted several people in our car search and sought godly advice. We followed the “Dave Ramsey plan” in that we bought a “beater” so we could get out of debt faster. We did everything right.

But our best-laid plans are laughable to God. Our wisdom is foolishness to Him. Our perspective is so miniscule and limited, that we can hardly expect to understand why we go through struggles. However, we trust God that He’ll work everything out for our good.

As I waivered on the fulcrum of depression, I began to contemplate the fact that, as a Christian, this is as bad as it gets. My car could break down every week, I could lose my job tomorrow, I could even be beaten and killed next month – but the struggles I face during my few years here on Earth will be as bad as it gets for me.

When I die, it gets infinitely better. Upon my death, I will enter into the presence of God. There will never be pain, sorrow, broken down cars, or financial worry for me ever again. For Christians, our “hell” is our time on Earth. This is as bad as it gets. I could lose everything, and it would be nothing compared to the eternal judgment awaiting those who have rejected Christ.

I thank God that I will never experience true Hell, because Jesus has experienced it for me. He took my place, so that I could live forever with Him.

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