Fairfax Job Fair Outreach

by Michael Tolosa


On Saturday, March 27, 2010, members of our Gospel Academy class at McLean Bible Church visited the Fairfax Mega Job Fair at the Fairfax County Government Center to hand out fliers for MBC’s Career Network ministry, as well as unemployment-themed Gospel tracts.

It only took an hour and a half for the Gospel Academy students to hand out 200 fliers and 400 tracts.

For Laura, this was her first time handing out any sort of religious literature to strangers. On the other hand, this was Dan’s third time handing out Bibles and/or tracts with Gospel Xpress, so he found it less stressful. Kevin has also done evangelism outreach in the past, so he was quite comfortable.

At one point during our outreach, the organizer told us we were not allowed to distribute literature at the job fair (which seemed suspect to me due to the nature of job fairs and the fact that everyone else was distributing job-related literature), and he asked us to leave. However, after discovering we were from McLean Bible Church and were promoting the church’s well-known Career Network ministry, he allowed us to finish.

The point of this outreach event was to get the students comfortable with handing out literature that was highly targeted to the recipients (i.e., giving unemployment-related information/literature to people looking for jobs). This will act as a stepping stone to the next series of outreach events.

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