Homeless Ministry in Herndon, VA

by Michael Tolosa

On Saturday, February 20, we showed up to a homeless outreach event in Herndon, Virginia, where we handed out free Spanish Bibles to the predominantly Hispanic crowd gathered to receive free warm meals and clothing from Cota and other members of the Soul Purpose ministry at McLean Bible Church.

The outreach started at 4:30 PM, when Cota went across the street to the 7-Eleven in Herndon, where homeless/poverty-stricken illegal Hispanics notoriously gather for day labor opportunities. Once promised with free meals and clothing, they gathered in a parking lot across the street, where Cota and her ministry partners dished out hot meals.

Following the meal, Cota and another woman presented the Gospel message in Spanish to the listening crowd. They acted out impromptu skits and also led the group in a cappella praise songs.

After the message was given, the attendees were given free clothing provided by MBC’s Clothing Shop ministry. During this time, we handed out the Bibles I had brought.

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