The Question Everyone Asks

One of the main reasons you should go on evangelism outings in pairs or in small groups is because, inevitably, everyone you meet will ask you this question… “How do you know each other?”

It’s the easiest opener in the world. And it is always asked.


You walk into a bar with your partner/group. You enjoy each others’ company, then open an adjacent set, talking about anything. Build rapport through a totally normal, friendly conversation. And wait.

The group or individual you’re talking to will eventually ask you the question. How do you know each other? And that’s your perfect opportunity to say, “Oh, we know each other through church. We go to _______. Ever heard of it?”

Depending on their reaction to what you just said, you can tailor your follow-up questions and comments. And practice your listening skills. But more on that in another post.

The important thing here is that, by going out in pairs or groups, you provide yourselves with a very easy opportunity to bring up church, religion, Christ, and the Gospel.

Later, I’ll explain why it’s best to go out in coed pairs.

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