7 Days Later

Genesis 1-2

What a week! It sure seemed a lot longer than seven days, but what do I know? Time really isn’t something I’m used to yet.

There’s so much to talk about – I’m not sure where to start. Maybe with the whole light n’ darkness thing. Maybe with those unbearably cute fuzzy hoppy things. Or maybe with the unaware “mini me” Big G created.

I don’t understand why Big G felt compelled to create man. Especially when he’s got plenty of us already. Lonely A is a disaster. I understand he looks a bit more like Big G – but he’s hardly superior to us. Lonely A is completely oblivious to Big G‘s importance, or of the battles we fight every day. All he does is play with those (albeit adorable) animals and sleep ’til noon in the garden. Could life be more difficult?

Lonely A‘s inevitable run-in with ShineyBoy is going to be epic. I’m not rooting for the opposition, or anything. I just don’t think Lonely A stands much of a chance in the long run.

Could this man be the shortest-lived experiment to come from Heaven? That depends on how much Big G steps in to intervene. I have a strong feeling Lonely A will need constant supervision and intervention. Is he really worth the trouble?


Lonely A acting mildly frustrated with the animals in the garden. Apparently, he’s having a tough time finding a friend. Good luck, Lonely A. Do me a favor and stay away from the cute hoppy things.

Curious-looking reptile heading towards the garden. It didn’t take long for word to spread. Watch out, Lonely A. Here comes trouble.


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