Back to Church

I went to Frontline for the first time in about six months (and prior to that, it was probably another six months since I had been there). I’ve finally committed myself to attending the 5:30 PM service every Sunday evening. I want to keep my Sundays completely open (with the exception of tennis class in the morning and Frontline at night). Sundays are going to truly be my Sabbath.

It must have been providence, because before leaving for church, I planned to create my financial budget when I returned home (now that I have all the exact numbers of income and expenses). The sermon was on finances and hit home in almost every category. Todd even mentioned the iPhone—which was burning a hole in my pocket as he spoke. He talked about how few of us are satisfied with how much money we’re making and always want more.

I wouldn’t say that I’m a hoarder of money. I do give a lot to ministry. And I’ve sold off a great deal of my possessions. I don’t own a lot of stuff, but what I do own is of the highest caliber. In that way, I’m quite materialistic.

Todd said possessions will never satisfy. Everyone thinks that if only they had this or that, that they would finally be satisfied. Two things immediately popped into my mind—HDTV and Apple MacBook. Once I buy those, I’ll be totally set and can start saving my money. Maybe.

And only a day prior I spent my entire month’s tithe on the Apple iPhone. Now, how telling is that?

Your heart is where your treasure is.

I need to make damn certain my heart is accurately represented by my new budget. I may postpone my budget creation until after Todd’s follow-up message on finances next Sunday.

Last night, I was awe-struck by how providential my return to Frontline was. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Note: You can listen to Todd’s message online here.

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