A plan revealed

I feel good. A huge burden has been lifted off me. I’ve gotten through the hard part—the dark, questionable part—and am now getting to the good stuff.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific than that. I’ve been working on a large, multi-year project that I don’t want anyone to know about yet. There are several phases to this project, and I just recently finished a long, difficult one.

The next phase begins in April, when I will begin training of another kind.

Creating the end product will seem simple compared to the difficulty of the research and training involved.

But it will be worth it. Personally, spiritually and (hopefully) financially.

I will say this about my project… A lot of what I’m doing involves conquering fear.

Most people fear talking to strangers. Whether it’s public speaking, mingling, or approaching people of the opposite sex. They fear inter-personal communication, because it makes them vulnerable. The anxiety of putting themselves out there and being rejected is too much for them to bear. So they don’t even bother trying.

When you add this fear of passive rejection with an additional fear of active aggression that comes from talking about controversial topics, you have the great terror that every Christian faces.


Not only is it frightening to approach a stranger in the first place, but it’s absolutely terrifying to try to build instant rapport with a stranger AND talk about something they will probably hate you for bringing up.

The logistics are confounding.

And yet, that’s what we’re supposed to do as Christians.

But just imagine if Christians could get over this approach anxiety and have enough conversation skills to talk about controversial topics without coming across as judgmental or obnoxious…

The “Christian” stereotype would certainly be different.

Most Christians fall into two categories, when it comes to evangelism… 1) They’re too afraid to even make the approach, or 2) they have boldness, but no interpersonal skills to communicate in a civilized manner.

The only “evangelists” I’ve run into in my life have been crazy wackos on my college campus, who thought that shouting at the students—calling them sluts and pagans—was the best way to talk about Jesus.

What if we could transplant that boldness into someone skilled in civilized conversation?

Evangelism involves four body parts… The heart, brain, tongue and balls.

  • A Christian needs a heart for evangelism. The concern for the unsaved drives them to want to help.
  • A Christian needs a brain for evangelism. They have to know the message that they’re trying to communicate.
  • A Christian needs a tongue for evangelism. They need to be able to communicate the message in an appropriate, clear way.
  • A Christian needs balls for evangelism. They need the courage to talk to anyone about Christ and risk ridicule and rejection.

It is my mission to provide these skills to fellow Christians.

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