I Need to Travel

I recently realized that I need to travel. Not for the fleeting enjoyment of financial extravagance. But to consider another perspective. I’m a red-blooded, conservative American male—who has never left the country. I’m pretty firm in my views, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to learn, adapt and change, if reality proves me wrong. I’m not talking about religion. My religious views are unwavering. I’m talking about the American ideal of business and government. The American way isn’t always the best way. The root of Capitalism is money. Money is the bottom line for everything in America. But that isn’t right. It’s a broken system, because money is not a stable foundation. I personally think the only trustworthy foundation for a society is God. But at the very least, the emphasis should be shifted from money to people. You don’t sacrifice human relationships for a better financial bottom line. It may have short term financial benefits, but in the long run, you lose your knowledge base and you lose trust. There’s a better way. And I aim to find it.

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