I went to Reston Bible Church this evening, because one of my co-workers invited E and I to go. I simply went to encourage E. I also hadn’t been to Reston Bible Church before, and I wanted to check it out. E ended up calling additional backup—M, her ex—to come with us.

I was impressed with the church. The sanctuary is about a fifth of the size of McLean Bible Church’s. It provided an intimate, yet modern, worship environment.

The event was called “Conversations,” and it was a mix of drama skits, testimonies, and live music. In all honesty, I thought it was the best bit of evangelism I’ve ever witnessed. Each of the five acts targeted different segments of people—a few of which really pinpointed where my friend E is right now. At parts, it sounded as if they were talking specifically about mine & E’s relationship and year-long dialog on Christianity.

After the performance, the pastor spoke for a bit, explaining the role that Jesus plays in the big picture of salvation. He communicated it very well—making it clear and simple. I think E was impressed with the evening’s message, and M seemed to gradually become less and less hostile (judging from her body language throughout the performance).

Once the lights came on & we started to exit the sanctuary, I got caught up in some conversations with other audience members. I recognized one girl from Campus Crusade at GMU (ten years ago). I’ve also seen her at Frontline before. She told me she was just talking about me earlier today with P (the former leader of GMU’s Campus Crusade for Christ), with whom she works. Apparently, he popped in my “Heroine” CD and asked her if she knew what ever became of me. I told her to tell him I’m now the captain of a church kickball team. 😉 I also tried to recruit her for my team (even though I don’t have any spots left). She said her friends had wanted to join, but she wasn’t into it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), she has just gotten married, and she and her husband are “shopping” for a church to go to on Sunday mornings. I told her—in all seriousness—that I was going to start going to Reston Bible Church on Sunday mornings (or Saturday nights), in addition to going to Frontline. I want to attend a church that’s more intimate and traditional than MBC. Then keep Frontline as something additional and separate—a place where I can do more serving than being served.

Anyway, I was really impressed with Reston Bible Church. They have a great facility, the pastor is terrific, the worship music is really good, and there seemed to be a lot of cool, young adults in attendance. Plus, I already know a few people there. I’m going to try and make it back there this weekend.

I HIGHLY recommend their “Conversations” performance. It’s playing for two more nights (Thursday, Friday). If you get a chance to go, you really should. It’s a really great presentation. They really know what they’re doing over there. Bring your friends.

I’m hoping E will have a lot of questions for me tomorrow.

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