Corporate Communication, Part 2

Her: when churches try to “save” someone, that means have them follow their jesus stuff?
Me: nobody can save anyone, ‘cept christ. so when they want people to be saved, they want them to have faith in Christ, so that he can save them from hell.
Her: so that assumes everyone goes to hell b4 they believe in christ?
Her: i’m pretty sure i’m a sinner
Her: but i’m down w/ it
Her: and i dont think i’ll go to hell
Her: karen’s church thing is encouraging people to bring “unsaved” friends
Me: Christianity teaches that everyone is born with “original sin,” that everyone sins and that the punishment for sin is death. only christ was without sin, so he paid the penalty for those who would believe in him & have faith in his sacrifice to save them from death.
Her: well everyone dies so that doesnt really make sense
Me: a spiritual death–afterlife.
Her: ooh
Me: heaven & hell
Me: hell is basically where folks pay for their sins, while heaven is where they go, because their sins are already paid for.
Her: oh cuz they believed in jesus?
Me: yes, because he paid for their sins on the cross.
Her: would you ever go to say a jewish temple?
Me: i probably would not go to a jewish temple on my own, because i don’t believe their teaching–but that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t be caught dead in one. it just wouldn’t serve any purpose for me to go, other than to go with a friend or whatever.
Her: hmmm
Me: it’d be interesting to see how they do things, though.
Her: true
Her: i’m just gonna tell karen i dont need to be saved
Her: if that was her mission
Her: which i dont think it was
Her: but you never know
Me: what will you tell her is your reason for going?
Her: my reason was just to learn
Me: that’s cool
Her: but i don’t believe what most of their website says
Me: well, if you can go & take it all in without standing up and objecting or something, then i’m sure you’ll be okay. 😉
Me: if you’ll be uneasy and hate being there, then maybe you shouldn’t go.
Her: i wanna go, but the bring an “unsaved” friend bit, threw me off
Me: that’s just slang for “non-Christian”
Me: it’s not really a good term to use
Her: i agree

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