Corporate Communication

Her: hey
Her: do you know why peeps pray?
Me: ha, ha
Her: tryin to learn!
Me: it’s like talking on a phone with God
Me: wireless communication
Her: that’s a high tech God
Me: infinitely fast broadband
Her: but can u hear things from him
Me: not literally
Me: but yes
Her: like let’s say i ask you to pray for someone who’s sick
Me: yes
Me: i would come to him via prayer to ask for his intervention
Me: understanding that he may not
Her: ooooh
Me: nor does he have to
Her: do you pray out loud or in your head
Me: either
Me: some people pray as a group
Me: out loud
Me: like asking God to bless dinner
Her: oooh y
Her: do u do that?
Me: my family does
Me: i usually don’t think to do it on my own.
Me: though i probably should
Me: 😉
Me: but not out loud
Me: prayer is a personal thing
Me: i wouldn’t use it to show off or make a statement
Me: it’s communication between you and god, not an opportunity to preach at other people.
Her: i see
Her: did you grow up religious?
Me: yes
Me: my parents were Catholic first, then converted to Christianity (protestant) when i was young.
Me: then i went to christian school until 5th grade
Her: i didn’t grow up religious, obvi
Me: most people our age didn’t. 😉
Her: i’m trying to understand how peeps have a relationship w/ God
Me: you don’t need years of experience. it can start at anytime.
Her: cuz if someone is sick…i can keep them in my thoughts
Her: but not nec. pick up the God phone
Me: sure
Me: but since we as humans are powerless to help our friends who are sick (aside from medicine), some look to a higher power who can help.
Her: oooh i get it now
Me: it’s something to hope for
Me: i guess a lot of christianity has to do with hope. …for an afterlife, etc.
Her: i’m still trying to figure out what i think about God…i’m thinking it’s more of a spiritual energy
Her: and i dont get the jesus stuff
Her: i’m a unitarian
Her: but i’m openminded to learning diff. religions
Me: basically, christianity says that there is a permenant rift between man and god, and jesus repairs that rift.
Me: and it is an exclusive belief (i.e., not unitarian).
Me: and that’s what most people find offensive with christianity.
Me: that they believe that there is no other person/diety that can repair that rift.
Me: other than jesus
Her: oooh
Her: well peeps can believe whatever they want
Me: they sure can
Me: we have freewill
Her: well i’m sure i have more questions!
Me: anytime!
Her: some of my christian friends have a hard time explaining things to me
Her: and then we just argue
Me: well, we can get in a fist fight, if you want. but i’d rather just talk. 😉
Her: haha ok
Her: well i cant go to the 5.30 service this wkd cuz i have to go be gay at the l word premiere party
Her: 😉
Her: but maybe the next wkd
Me: yeah, come to Frontline anytime. let me know though, so i can sit with you. 🙂

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