Is it true what they say about Ann?

These are excerpts from one of Ann Coulter’s speeches featured on the new Is it True What They Say About Ann? DVD…

Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute
Woman of the Year and National Monitoring Lunch

“I regret not being more of a Christian sooner. I mean, I was always raised a Christian. I would go to church now and then. But I have become more Christian over the last few years, and it is a shield and a sword. There really is nothing anyone can do to me. It makes you laugh to see some of the things Liberals go through to try to hurt my feelings, or be mean to me, or sneer at me in Vanity Fair. Christ died for my sins, and I have eternal life—and I’m supposed to be concerned what Vanity Fair says about me? And I do think it drives them crazy that they know they can never get to a Christian—which is why they are so dismissive and demeaning towards Christians.”

“That is what Christianity gives you—you are operating with a net. In contradiction to what Ted Turner says about Christians being a bunch of losers, Christians ought to be the bravest, most determined risk-takers in any given situation. You have nothing to lose. You’re operating with a net all the time. You don’t seek the approval of a good obituary in the New York Times.”

“I think that is a problem with Conservatives—with religious people—that you feel like you can just withdraw from the world. Well, that isn’t what the Bible instructs. We, as Christians, are supposed to go out and engage the world and change it for the better.”

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