In the end

The politician. The celebrity. The religious leader. The singer. The actor. The butcher. The baker. The lawmaker. The VP. The janitor. The poor. The rich. The gangster. The hillbilly. The foreigner. The stranger. The teacher. The clerk. The rescue worker. The realtor. The programmer. The executive. The mother. The baby. The doctor. The friend. The roommate. The voter. The writer. The soldier. The emperor. The pope. The athlete. The husband. The wife. The child. The operator. The waiter. The policeman. The healthy. The dying. The Muslim. The Buddhist. The Jew. The winner. The loser. The lover. The hater. The strong. The weak. The young. The old. The smart. The ignorant. The humble. The proud. The quiet. The loud. The father. The son. The funny. The serious. The farmer. The nanny. The peacekeeper. The warmonger. The inventor. The scientist. The hunter. The prey. The noble. The wicked. The victim. The living. The dead. The angel. The man. The devil.

Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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