Don’t Believe in Satan

For a while now, Satan’s strategy has been to keep himself off the minds of most people. The idea of witchcraft and paganism and evil itself is trivialized in television shows and other media to relegate the notion of sin to the realm of fiction. We’re so bombarded with the promotion of sin and of blind tolerance today, that even Christians are bashing other Christians for opposing works of media that trivialize sinful behavior. It is now more respected for a Christian to be tolerant, and thus “enlightened,” than it is to be righteous.

I’ve strayed from my original point, Jack. The overt glorification of Satanism and paganism in music & horror stories trivializes evil. It doesn’t “draw kids into the camp,” as it were, but rather desensitizes them to it. The imagery you depict in your comic makes evil a joke and less real.

Satan is not out recruiting people. He doesn’t need people to sign up for his crew. They’re automatic members. They start off on his team. He just has to keep them from jumping ship. And the best way to do that is to make them as comfortable as possible right where they are—to keep them happy, to make them think that they’re admirable, and talented, and educated—and that they don’t need God or anything else.

The last thing Satan wants is for people to be aware of him.

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