I shared the fundamentals of Christianity with someone last night, and I don’t know what to think of the outcome. What can I do, when the person thinks we basically believe the same thing, when I know we don’t? Or when the person relies on material other than the Bible to base faith on? How do I argue against that? It’s easier debating other “Christians,” because we have to submit to what the Bible—and only the Bible—says. Last night’s discussion ended in temporary peace, but what about the future? How will these differences creep up and eventually become major issues in our lives? Luckily, I seem to be the only dogmatic one about this, so I suppose there’s hope for gradual change. Maybe not. Or maybe the whole point of our friendship is this conversation we’re having now, and nothing more. I shudder to think.

I just read today’s Table Talk devotion, and it concluded with these words… “If you make a serious effort to share the Gospel with others, you will experience rejection. Many of those you speak to will ridicule you and will laugh at the truths you hold dear. But by God’s grace, you will have success, too, for God has His elect, and all those He chooses, He predestines and calls. Press on in your proclamation.”

I will. And I do. Praise God.

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