Tributary media

Paul Smith, one of my old English professors, coined the phrase “tributary media.” The term describes the elements in media that pay tribute to, or help market other forms of media. For instance, late night talk shows are tributary media, in that they help market various movies, television shows and music CDs by having notable celebrities appear on their shows. A column in an entertainment magazine acts as tributary media to the various forms of media they review or write features on. All that being said, I believe my role in this world (my purpose for living, if you will) is to be a human tributary medium. All of my work and all that I do is tributary media for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether it be via web pages, short stories, video productions, photographs or films, all of my work is designed to pay tribute to Christ and to spread the Good News. Not only do I now see this clear as day, but I welcome it and I embrace it. I am tributary media. So be it.

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