The Weak & The Strong

Love for your weaker brother, says Paul, should lead you to refrain from doing neutrally moral things in front of him, should he be offended by them. There are strong Christians, who know that eating meat offered to idols is not in and of itself wrong. But there are weaker Christians, who refrain from it all together because of the connotations surrounding the act. Paul doesn’t believe it’s wrong to eat idol meat, but he tells the strong Christians not to eat the meat in front of the weaker Christians. To do so would be a stumbling block for the weak. Paul explains that the spiritual stability of fellow Christians is more important than trying to prove that eating idol meat is not wrong. This, of course, applies to me, as well. Being a student of Theology, it’s very easy for me to find discrepancies in other Christians’ sermons, writings, or ideas. But if I disagree with another Christian, I should always watch out to not be a stumbling block to him just because I may want to nit-pick on a particular, non-essential truth.

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