Submit to the Government

Yesterday, I was listening to a radio program, which was about fighting for Christian rights. It was about how Christians are being unlawfully discriminated against and how we need to “fight back.” But this is all contrary to what Paul (and even Jesus) taught. In Romans 13, Paul tells the Christians to submit to the government, because it has been ordained by God. Even during Jesus’ time, 70% of the people were in slavery. Surely, everyone knows that slavery is wrong, yet Jesus and His apostles never tell anyone to resist this great evil of slavery. Instead, Paul urges us to be content in whatever station of life we find ourselves. In today’s world, we have radio programs, like the one described above, and organizations like the Christian Coalition, that “fight for Christian rights” and try to enact governmental changes, all in the name of Christianity. It seems nonsensical to use the name of Christ in political matters, because Christ never engaged in politics during His life and ministry.

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