What’s the Law for?

Hardly any thought is given by the modern Christian to the Mosaic Law. Most believe that, since we’re now under the New Testament, the Old Testament laws should be completely forgotten. John Calvin, in his Institutes, says there are three major uses for the Old Testament Mosaic Law. 1) To act as a mirror. Reading the law and seeing how holy God is to demand so much attention to the smallest details reveals to us how much we really fall short of God’s glory. The law helps to show us our true state and to reveal to us all of our blemishes. 2) To act as a restraint. Just knowing that there is a prohibition against a certain action will keep the mass of society from indulging in whatever action is forbidden. 3) To reveal God’s character. We can see from the law what pleases and displeases God. If our hearts are set to please God, we can look to the Old Testament law for examples to follow.

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