Faith, Not Works

And if a man does a work to earn some favor, can it be said that the favor is given to him out of grace? If he has done something to receive this favor, is the favor not counted as a debt? If someone has done something to earn a favor, the favor can no longer be called grace. Grace is something freely given to one who does not deserve it. By definition, it is unmerited favor. If one is a recipient of grace, then that one did nothing to earn it. Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. But even his belief must be given to him. If Abraham were to somehow come up with faith in God on his own (how fallen man can do that is beyond me), then it would be considered a work on his part—it would be him believing. Faith and the ability to have faith must also be from God. Otherwise, justification by faith would be no different than justification by works.

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