The Just God

Letting sins go unpunished is not an act of a just and holy God. When God forgives sins, does He simply disregard the sins of man? Does He simply wink at evil and say, “Oh, forget about it! I forgive you, man!” No. A just and holy God recognizes that transgression of laws must be punished. That’s where Jesus comes in. If any man is to enter the Kingdom of God, his sins must be atoned for. Someone has to suffer for them. The wages of sin is death. Someone has to die, or else justice will not be served. So the bloody death of a righteous and perfect man (Jesus) is required and more than enough to atone for the sins of God’s elect. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, God can offer man a free gift of salvation. It’s free to us, but only because Someone has already paid for it.

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