The Jew First

Honestly, I’ve always viewed the Jews as religious “bad guys.” I’ve always felt that the Jews were simply pagans, who deny that Jesus was the Christ, and a race, who had a chance at being God’s chosen people, but were imbeciles, rejected God, and were left behind. But Paul makes it clear that the Jews were and are special to God. Wherever he goes, Paul preaches to the Jews first, showing how the Old Testament prophecies have been fulfilled. There’s still a place for the Jews. In a time to come, the Jews will be the beneficiaries of God’s abundant grace. Just because I (and all the other Christian Gentiles) are benefiting from grace now, doesn’t mean we’re any better than the Jews. I’m still a fallen man redeemed by the grace of God, completely inadequate and unrighteous on my own. The Jews reject Christ now, just as the Gentiles rejected God during the Old Testament.

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