Some think of Heaven as some place up in the sky. Some place that is “up” there. We point in the “up” direction, and even look our eyes upward. It’s as if geographically, Heaven was somewhere above us.

But there’s a problem. We all know that the Earth is round, so if everyone on the Earth were to look in their “up” direction, we all would not be looking at the same thing. In fact, Heaven is not a “place” in our sense of the word. God and Heaven transend our universe. It’s not that God is “above” us in Heaven. It’s more like God and Heaven are something totally other to us.

All that we are, physically, can pretty much be packaged into a small box known as laws and science. We can pretty much put our finger on everything. But only everything that we are aware of or can indentify.

But God and Heaven are something other. They are not merely “above” us somewhere in space. God is not in some place geographically. His being is something we cannot conceive. He exists in a state that is foreign to us. He’s not subject to time and space like we are.

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