TV’s Power Rangers Go! Go! to the Patriot Center


This article originally appeared in Broadside, the George Mason University student newspaper.

Kicking into action this past weekend at George Mason University’s Patriot Center, riding on the back of their current multi-million dollar success in America, were the ever- popular, live-action children’s super heroes, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

For four straight days, February 23-26, the Power Rangers thrilled audiences of all ages with a very impressive, powerful, and effectively extravagant live show. The obvious target audience was, of course, the children, but the show’s spectacular pyrotechnics and puissant sound effects were enough to thrill even the most sober of adults.

The show fused live action with previously taped material shown on many huge monitors encompassing the stage. The highlight of this experimental technique was the battle between the Power Rangers’ giant robot, Megazord (portrayed on the monitor), and one of the evil Lord Zed’s created monsters (live action). This unique approach came off as very animate and convincing, and in no way fell flat.

Children seated in the special Power Circle seats were treated to an even more exciting occurrence, as characters from the show would, at times, come down off the stage to roam through the special seating area.

Some children were unfortunate enough to be carried off by some of Lord Zed’s Putty Patrollers (yes, they did eventually make it back to their seats), while others found the courage within themselves to assault the evil villains as they prowled past them.

The story line was similar to those of the T.V. episodes, but was drawn out to an exciting, action-packed hour and a half. Aside from certain members being turned into monkeys and birds, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers easily defeated the likes of Rita Repulsa, Lord Zed, and countless other monsters and strange beings.

The show was a collage of ear-pricking sound effects, stimulating visual potency, and thrilling, edge-of-your-seat action. Audience members went away from the Patriot Center mimicking the Rangers’ martial arts moves and shouting, “Go! Go! Power Rangers!”