My Grace is Sufficient

My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.

– Jesus Christ

As a Christian, I find that these words, spoken by Jesus Christ, help lift me up during the many times of depression I so often experience throughout my life. These words, famous to Christians and studiers of the Holy Bible, help me in two different areas of my life.

The first is the spiritual area. As a Christian, I am very often subject to ridicule and am the target of many false accusations and labels. After being persecuted so many times for my views and beliefs, I find myself frequently feeling down and rejected. Then, in a quest for reassurance, I open my Bible and read the words of truth Christ spoke long ago. I see that, through the sufferings I face from standing up for God and the truths of God, I am strengthening myself as a Christian. That, through suffering, God is making me better. I see that my sufferings for Christ are glorifying to Him, and I feel much better; happy, even.

These words, found in 2 Corinthians, also help me deal with troubles unrelated to the ones I run into because of being a Christian. The depression from normal problems that life pounds me with is also handled using Christ’s words. Failing a test, breaking up with a girlfriend, losing a loved one to death, and the many other tragic events I may experience can cause me great sorrow and depression. In order to not be smothered by such depression, I, again, look to the words spoken by Jesus Christ, and know that through these experiences of weakness, I am being molded and shaped into a better person; that, through experiences, I become wiser, and my character is made more perfect.

I greatly appreciate Christ and his teachings. It is by his words that I can break free from the hold of depression, and, because of Him, I do not fear sufferings.

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