I have seen the darkness

Inside all that the world creates dwells the darkness of the demon. The hoards surround earthly pleasures and feed on the spirits of man. There is no end to their evil. The black pits in their eyes see not the righteousness of Heaven, but the twisted image of reality. Away they flock, dementing all of God’s creations. Evil is their supper, righteousness their pain. The touch of the dark sweep throughout our land, our homes, our bodies. Despair is unleashed with a frightful vengeance. The end cannot be found in these events, the war is being lost on this earth, and the evil of man has reached a new level. The beckoning begins. The persuasion proceeds. Their cold, crooked fingers crackle as they motion to all men… to come… to serve themselves as the devil’s gourmet. Souls are dying, and the cloud of darkness rolls overhead, with the great eminence of the greatest evil. The hungry demons, awaiting the feast, focus their anticipation to the ecstacy scratches of their eyes. Their leader, laughing at their impatience, gives the command to begin, and the hordes are unleashed, across the skies, with a heart wrenching speed and an inhuman scream. The slow flapping of decayed wings tear into the ears of the frightened people. The cursed beings inflict the sky with a scourging malevolence, penetrating death deep into the commonwealth of man. They feed on the flesh and souls of the insecure man, bringing him down to their pit of darkness to imprison him for all of eternity. The slaughter has begun. You and I and all of God’s children can only wait. Wait for the end… wait for our Savior. But, can we wait? Do we have the strength?

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